This Weeks Progress

So this past week was my first week on my diet and my exercise regiment. It was really painful at times and the heat did not help make it more enjoyable, however, I am really proud of the progress I made. So far, in one week, I lost about four pounds, which is the most that I’ve lost in a span of seven days. It is incredible to think that everything I did would make such a difference on my health, and I wanted to touch upon what I did and what I could have done better.

Starting off the week, on Monday I went to my High school and did some high intensity workouts to get my body feeling the burn. I started off with a 400M warmup lap and stretched right after. I cannot stress enough how important it is to stretch after your warmup and before you actually start your workout. Not doing so can result in discomfort during the workout and possibly serious injury during or after the workout is completed. After stretching, I went to the long jump pit and performed what I called “High Velocity Approaches” (or HVA). Basically, it is a fancy term for running fast towards the sand pit before you jump. I would do these in high school to help me build up my speed so when I jumped, I would be traveling as fast as I could. I did these for about 20 mins, with breaks every 5 mins that lasted for about a minute and thirty seconds. After I hydrated, I moved onto tire flips. What I like about these is that they get your whole body moving. You use your legs to help lift the tire up, your back and core stabilize to keep your body balanced, and your arms push it over to have the cycle repeat again. Your lungs also feel dead after as well because of the mass amounts of oxygen it takes per rep. I did these tire flips the whole length of the football field, which took me about 5-10 minutes total because of the breaks I took in between flips. Later, I went on a 2.5 mile hike with my friend and her family to end the evening off on a easy note.

On Tuesday, I went back to my high school, did my 400M warmup, stretched, and did more tire flips. I has to accelerate this process because it started to downpour mid workout, so I did 100M of flips in 5 mins before moving onto biceps. I took a small tire that would be found on a car and did 2 sets of 40 chest presses with the tire. In the beginning, I started doing the chest presses until I could not do them anymore, but coincidentally, it turned out to be 40 reps per set. I finished this day off with abs: basic crunches, 40 Russian twists, and 2 planks, each 2 mins in length.

On Wednesday, I went to my local trail that I went to on Monday and had a nice 3 mile hike. It was beginning to get really hot, so I did not want to go to the track and overexert myself. The hike was intensive due to the elevation changes, so it really took a toll on my lungs and legs, which was a very satisfying feeling.

Thursday was also very warm, so I went to the train again and went on a 4 mile hike. It did not have as many elevation changes, however I did add some running every so often because I was in a rush to get home before I went out with my family.

On Friday, I went on a 5 mile hike in the same area as the past 4 days. I combined running and elevation changes into this hike, and even went out on the hottest day of the week. My body felt really satisfied with my performance for that days adventure.

The today being Saturday, I went back to the track and did some HVA the whole time. There were some people on the field and I could not do my tire flips, so I just stuck with the running. I honestly thought I could have done more, but I was not in a very good mood and I wanted to get home due to the sweltering humidity.

Overall, I think this week went really well. I forgot to track my meals, so I cannot really touch on what I ate. But I can generalize that every meal had water. I ate a lot of protein and tried to stay away from foods with high carb and fat content. I ate foods that were loaded with the good fats and low carbs, such as avocados and these veggie wraps my mom bought me. Next week, I’ll make sure to track what I eat and inform on the daily post what I ate and drank and at what times of day they were consumed.

Very successful week. Can’t wait for the next one!


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